Sabine's Gull & Common Tern @ Rush Creek Mouth etc.

Observers: Joe Morlan & Robbie Fischer
Remote Name:
Date: 06/19/2006
Time: 12:37 AM -0400

Late this afternoon, we saw an adult breeding plumage SABINE'S GULL and an adult breeding plumage COMMON TERN at the mouth of Rush Creek at Mono Lake. I managed good photos of the tern and fair photos of the gull. Also of interest were four GREEN-WINGED TEAL, an adult female WILSON'S PHALAROPE, and a COLUMBIA SILKMOTH (Hyalaphora columbia). At Lundy Lake we saw and photographed a subadult BALD EAGLE this morning. Early afternoon at Lee Vining Canyon we heard a WESTERN FLYCATCHER repeatedly giving calls usually associated with CORDILLERAN FLYCATCHER. Male position notes were definitely two-parted. A sinusoidal call was given in the context of part of the song. A WILLOW FLYCATCHER was also seen in the area which was 2/10 mile beyond the Big Bend Campground.