Northern Parula on Rush

Observers: Chris McCreedy
Remote Name:
Date: 07/06/2006
Time: 04:43 PM -0400


I've had a streak of vagrants on Rush Creek this week. Today it was a Northern Parula female, only about 200 m upstream of the 4bii meadow. Yellow throat, pale eye-arcs as Sibley refers to them, blue head and back, but with yellow-green mantle. Seen at 5 m. I did not detect any orange (only yellow) on her throat/chest, which would mean she is a hatch-year bird. That would be surprising to me, but I lost her in the jungle before I could verify it.

Other birds along Rush Creek:

Long-eared Owl
Northern Harrier
Banding a fledgling Dusky Flycatcher