Yellow Grosbeak at Keough's Hot Springs, Inyo,

Observers: Tom & Jo Heindel
Remote Name:
Date: 08/01/2006
Time: 05:33 PM -0400


On 31 July an immature male Yellow Grosbeak was found at Keough’s Hot Springs (half way between Big Pine and Bishop, west of Hwy 395) in Inyo County by Cindy Kamler. It was seen today by Guy McCaskie and others and photographed by Bob Steele. This is on private property but Cindy was able to get permission from the owner and her neighbors to allow visitors. It is crucial that birders be respectful of the peace and quiet the residents are used to and keep their presence as low key as possible. Visitors are asked to: 1) park on the main road (Keough’s Hot Springs Road) just before Andrea St, the first road to the right in the residence area; 2) plan on arriving after 7 AM; 3) walk north on Andrea to the second residence on the left, #24, Cindy Kamler’s home; and 4) remain on the roadway in front of this residence or back along Andrea and Hot Springs Road. Please don’t walk between the residences. Just to the north of Cindy’s are sites # 11 & 19. The fence between them has a line of trees with two seed feeders and two hummingbird feeders. The grosbeak utilizes the seed feeders as well as a rusty drum on the ground between them. It often flies across the road from cottonwood tree to cottonwood tree but when in view is always visible from Cindy’s. Cindy is the Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care Rehab person so consider making a small donation to her organization or seed/money to the Yellow Grosbeak Seed Fund. Bring your swimsuits and enjoy a dip in Keough’s Hot Springs after seeing the bird as well as drinks and snacks at the kiosk.