American Bittern, Klondike Lake

Observers: Mary Freeman
Email: mnfreemanatearthlinkdotcom
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Date: 08/02/2006
Time: 09:52 PM -0400


Myself along with Larry Allen, Frank and Susan Gilliland had enjoyable views of the Yellow Grosbeak at Keough Hot Springs this morning (thank you Cindy). We then made our way back home and one of our brief stops was made at Klondike Lake. There were adult Clark's Grebes with juvies and some Ruddy Ducks and we had a high flying American Bittern over the reeds at Klondike Lake between 9 and 10am. We first saw it flying into the reeds nearest the road. The bird had warm brown tones so it wasn't a black-crowned night heron. We neared the spot where it first landed and it popped out flying towards hwy 395 direction, called and it circled HIGH into the sky then it went back to the lake where it "stooped" into the reeds! There was a single Willet at Dirty Socks Springs. A beautiful day in Owens Valley. Happy Birding! Mary Freeman, Glendale, CA