Hooded Oriole family still at our hummer feeders

Observers: Jim & Debby Parker
Email: jimndebby@qnet.com
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Date: 09/04/2006
Time: 05:01 PM -0400

The adults, mostly the male, has been in our yard with 2 juvs for over 2 weeks now. Finally the young have figured out how to drink from the hummer feeders, they look really good but have appeared hungry by trying to get the thistle seeds from the thistle feeder. I finally took out a few dishes of blended grapes and marmelade jam. They like the jam. They were also in the wild rose bushes getting hips. Their feathers are bright and fresh, they have all rich yellow undersides and undertail. Their bills are longish and curved, lower mandible is pink. Medium brown wings with white wingbars. This date is late according to Heindel's graphbook.