Bendire's Thrasher, Virginia's and Tennessee Warbler, Red-eyed Vireo @ Jackass Spring

Observers: Susan and Bob Steele
Email: steele7 verizon net
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Date: 09/04/2006
Time: 09:21 PM -0400

Bob and I spent the weekend in the Panamints in the Hunter Mountain area. We saw about 60 species. With several unexpected treats. The first was what I believe was a Bendire's Thrasher. It walked by me while I was sitting at the spring on Friday. Saturday I was watching a Virginia's Warbler when Bob called to tell me that he was watching a Red-eyed Vireo. Amazingly enough it stayed long enough for me to run up and have fine views and good comparisons with a Warbling Vireo. Later that evening a Tennessee Warbler came to the spring and stayed long enough for fine views. Sunday I had what was probably a different Virginia's Warbler as the yellow spot on the breast didn't strike me as being as yellow and distinct as the one the day before.