Re: Hooded Oriole family still at our hummer feeders

Observers: D.Parker
Remote Name:
Date: 09/06/2006
Time: 12:26 AM -0400


Orioles are still in our yard, they might be eating the grapes on our vines which are abundant this year. They are also getting into the tomato patch, which is fine. Going after the small ones. Today I watched the male feed one of the juvs, maybe a bug. I think I've discovered something, one of the juvs is darker than the other and I'm thinking it's a male juv. It has more olive on its undertail instead of more yellow as in the more female-like one. Also, its head is more olive. I expect them to leave anyday as the juvs are not "clunky" anymore but acting more like adults, balancing on the branches better.