American White Pelicans, Blackrock area

Observers: J. Zatorski
Remote Name:
Date: 09/07/2006
Time: 07:02 PM -0400


Had a nice flock of about 200 birds swirling about trying to catch a thermal (they were a FOF for me here in the Owens Valley). Also of note was a plethera of shorebird calls coming from the Laws area where the shallow ponds north of Jean Blanc Rd. are at about 7:30 this morning. And although I get to see them more often than most, I had 3 Le Conte's thrashers running about on a dirt road in the Blackrock area. I came upon the birds while driving along this little known road and they ran about chasing each other, Sage Sparrows, Say's Pheobes and what looked like grasshoppers, for about two whole minutes. After which they flew a short distance and landed on saltbush shrubs and on the ground in the open, what a treat.