Death Valley birds and points south

Observers: Jim Pike
Remote Name:
Date: 09/15/2006
Time: 09:17 PM -0400


On Sept 12, the Wood Thrush was seen again at Crystal Spring. In addition, a Virginia's Warbler and a Solitary Sandpiper were at Furnace Creek golf course. On Sept 13, a male Chestnut-sided Warbler and a Clay-colored Sparrow were at the FC Inn, a mostly alternate adult Sabine's Gull was at the airport pond, and a male Prothonotary Warbler was in junipers behind the restroom at Scotty's Castle. Lastly, on Sept 14, a Lucy's Warbler was in mesquite near the FC hotel, a Northern Waterthrush was in Shoshone, and 17 Forster's Terns in Tecopa. Jim Pike Huntington Beach