Blackpoll and friends at Deep Springs

Observers: Jon Dunn, Tom Wurster, Liza Auzins, Tom & Jo Heindel
Email: tjheindelataoldotcom
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Date: 09/17/2006
Time: 06:57 PM -0400

On 17 Sep a Blackpoll was found by Wurster and photographed at a time when rare in Inyo. The bird allowed close approach and it was easy to see the marks that eliminated Bay-breasted and Pine, which in fall can be very similar. Dunn found a Prothonotary Warbler (casual in Oct), and Wurster found a Northern Waterthrush (rare now). Dunn found a Chaetura swift that was studied hard and all agreed that it was a Vaux's, also rare at this time. The sad news is that one Eurasian Collared-Dove found Deep Springs so others are probably not far behind.