female Indigo Bunting Mono Lake County Park

Observers: James And Kay Wilson
Email: jkwilson48@aol.com
Verification: sierra
Remote Name:
Date: 09/24/2006
Time: 12:39 PM -0400


Day birding Mono Lake was highlighted by a probable female Indigo Bunting along walkway at County Park. It was on west side approx 100 feet down walkway in grass and bushes. Mostly brown, with pale wingbars, warmer upper breast, streaky with finch beak. Would welcome someone else's opinion. Otherwise birds were mostly as expected, 3 Wilson's Phalaropes at old boat launch being unexpected. Rush Creek Delta was glorious avian display, but we did not see Justin's Sabine Gull. Kudos to him for finding it amidst the sea of fulls. Sigh.