Possible Harris's Hawk at creek crossing on Sunland Indian Reservation Road

Observers: Douglas Dunaway
Email: ddmcnitt@cebridge.net
Remote Name:
Date: 09/26/2006
Time: 04:47 PM -0400

Seen on 9/25 and today at 11:00 am. I could see the distinct white tipped tail on this large, dark colored hawk as I was walking north on the roadside. The hawk was perched in a locust tree right next to the road above the creek. Very dark in color, it didn't want to flush. I was standing directly under it for some time until a large truck drove by and off it flew. The white rump was very pronounced, as well as the white tipped tail. I was not able to see any of the chestnut areas as described in Peterson's. It would be helpful if someone could go out and try to make a positive identification. I will look for it again tomorrow on my morning walk. On a different note, I have seen more roadrunners this year than in my entire 30 years in the Eastern Sierra. Is it just luck, or are other birders seeing more than the usual yearly sighting of one or two birds? I was able to approach one roadrunner close enough to hear it calling either to it's mate or chicks. Another first for that kind of call.