Upland sandpiper, east of sewage ponds, Bishop

Observers: L. Nahm and C. Gann
Email: larrynahm@hotmail.com
Verification: sierra
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Date: 10/01/2006
Time: 07:11 PM -0400


Addendum to previous report. (Bird was not seen on two subsequent visits Oct. 1.) We heard a high 3 or 4 note warning call which drew our attention to it. When seen, it was walking on open ground with dry grass, about 40 feet away from us. It was 11 a.m. sky 100% clouds, dry, temp in the 70's with no wind. Walking away it bobbed its tail up and down often. We observed it for about 3 minutes before it went behind a green plant, and remained visible another 2 minutes. The back and tail were brown, the tail having white outer feathers narrowly striped with black, evident when it flew. This was a long slender appearing shorebird with a long slender neck, small head and prominent dark eye. Bill was yellowish and straight, extending approx. the length of its head, with a black tip. Legs appeared light, greenish. Narrow faint buffy stripes on brown on the top of its head, front to back. We did not see the bird head on, but could see faintly brown sides to the breast once or twice. The belly was white. We had binoculars but no scope or camera.