Pair of Rough-Legged Hawks, pair of Red-Tailed Hawks, & one Sharp-Shinned Hawk

Observers: Douglas Dunaway
Verification: sierra
Remote Name:
Date: 10/11/2006
Time: 06:32 PM -0400


A gloriues walk down Raptor Road--I mean Sunland Indian Res. Rd. The largest of the Rough-Legged was being incesstantly harassed by a raven. The hawk took all evasive actions it could think of, finally swooping and swerving low among the rabbit brush and landing on an irrigation line. No dice, the raven alit right next to it and kept edging closer, finally flushing the hawk and chasing it over the road and into the eastern pasture. The Sharp-Shinned was spiraling with a flock of approximaitly 50 black-birds--the dit birds were following the Sharp-Shinned, showing great sychronized flying. The hawk finally tired and took a long, fast glide down over the locust trees and disappeared into the northern field. The pair of Red-Tailed's watched from above and finally alit in the Cottonwood tree next to Boyd Ranch. A lot of action for such a short walk!