White-throated Sparrow today w. of Meadowcreek & Costa's (?) Hummer in our yard

Observers: Jim & Deb Parker
Email: jimndebbyatqnet.com
Verification: sierra
Remote Name:
Date: 10/15/2006
Time: 03:30 PM -0400


Jim spotted the White-throated Sparrow,"white-stripe" variety, at Wishing Well Bridge (footbridge s. of Dixon Lane gate)or directly west of the Pipe footbridge, all west of Meadowcreek. Using our Hummingbird fieldguides, the hummer is a female type, has a thin slightly curved bill, no rufous anywhere, shorter tail than wingtips and a cluster of feathers in center of gorget that looked slightly pink. Anna is the expected late hummer but they are chunkier looking, with a thicker bill, longer tail than wingtips and have a darker breast and belly overall. Our bird has a slightly darker wash on the sides and is more pale in the center of the belly. Our bird has a "petite" look to it and doesn't have the thick neck of Anna's. We hope to study more to make sure it's not an Anna's as Costa's have purple in their gorgets not pink.