Loggerhead Shrike, Horned Larks & Red-tailed Hawk on Sunland Indian Res. Rd.

Observers: Douglas Dunaway
Email: paleoman@cebridge.net
Verification: sierra
Remote Name:
Date: 10/19/2006
Time: 03:13 PM -0400


Another gorgeous day on Sunland Indian Reservation Road. Who would guess that a Loggerhead Shrike could sing so beautifly? This adult bird is always near the T-section of Shoeber Lane up in the dead locust trees. It swoops down to the road to gather up any insects that are knocked down by vehicles driving by. I have not located it's larder, but have seen it eating while perched. There has also been a decreasing sized flock of Horned Larks, always on the west side, continually flying up from the cut alphala, and then alighting, becoming completely invisible. I was wondering about why I couldn't locate them after they landed, then finally saw one bird walking, or sneaking around. They are very hard to see since they don't hop around like other birds. And of course, the obligitory Red-Tailed Hawk soaring in circles off to the south. Who could ask for more out of a day?