Winter Wren at Deep Springs

Observers: Chris and Rosie Howard
Remote Name:
Date: 10/28/2006
Time: 08:07 PM -0400

We spent a couple hours at Deep Springs College this afternoon, 28 Oct. Best bird was a Winter Wren, a nice warm-brown western race bird, very short tail, buffy supercilium; call was 'chimp', but sometimes a double-'chimp'. Other neat birds were 2 Hermit Thrushes; male and female Slate-colored Juncos with Oregon's; our first Mountain Bluebird of fall, a male; a Ferruginous Hawk (immature); and a Barn Owl we flushed from its roost. There was also a small woodpecker flyover, (silent) that could have been the Nuttall's reported there a while back.