Solitary Vireo's, White-Crowned Sparrows, Nuttails Woodpecker, and others.

Observers: Douglas Dunaway
Verification: sierra
Remote Name:
Date: 10/30/2006
Time: 02:20 PM -0500


On Friday the 27th, as I was walking on Sunland Indian Res. Road, I watched a pair of Solitary Vireos working a line of locust trees with a group of White-Crowned Sparrows. They were very busy, occasionally being harassed by the White-Crowned's. One Nuttails Woodpecker was also working the line of locusts. On my way back, I saw what I beleive is an immature Rough-Legged Hawk land atop one of the locusts, where it was immediately attacked by the resident Loggerhead Shrike. Poor little raptor lost a few head feathers before it was able to get away. The Loggerhead was very proud of it's territorial deed and proceded to sing loudly. Today, I watched a Northern Harrier's unsuccessful attempt at a Belding's Ground Squirrel. Very white-colored bird, it looked around as if to see if anybody was watching then fluffed up it's feathers and took off. Also noted a dead cow with a group of ravens trying to feed on it. No vultures, I assume they have migrated out.