Female Long-tailed Duck @ Navy Beach, Mono Lake

Observers: Kathy Duvall and Larry Arbanas
Email: kduvall@cebridge.net/earthwhile@comcast.net
Remote Name:
Date: 10/31/2006
Time: 05:15 PM -0500

This past Saturday while watching Eared Grebes bob on the surface of Mono Lake, Kathy spotted a bird that we couldn't immediately ID. As I had my TV camera with me, was able to get some very clear and near shots of the bird diving, on top of the lake and flying away from us. It seemed like an Olds...er Long-tailed Duck and we hustled over to the Mono Lake Committee to confer with Bartshe. We looked at every bird book on the shelves and agreed upon LT Duck! Had the chance to meet with the Heindels yesterday and they both said same. So we is happy duck hunters! Thanks Bartshe and Heindels for your continued diligence and knowledge, as always.

Photo Larry Arbanas