Hooded Merganser and others at Adobe Res., Adobe Ranch

Observers: Sacha Heath
Email: sheath@prbo.org
Verification: sierra
Remote Name:
Date: 11/02/2006
Time: 03:00 PM -0500


Adobe Reservoir, October 31. The Hooded Merganser was dressed up for halloween; a bright, crisp, breeding plumage male. I had been watching the other birds on the opposite side of the pond for an hour. I walked closer to the water's edge, and he appeared from the flooded Carex/Juncus/Typha edge, apparantly there the whole time. What other Mono County sightings have there been since Gaines? Also: 4 Bufflehead (1 adult male breeding plumage), 13 American Coot, 7 Mallard, 1 Ruddy Duck, 6 Northern Pintail, 1 Green-winged Teal. Also Horned Larks, Marsh and Bewick's Wren, White-crowned Sparrow and 1 Golden Eagle.