Hawks & a late warbler

Observers: Parker and friends
Email: jimndebby@qnet.com
Verification: sierra
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Date: 11/02/2006
Time: 04:48 PM -0500


A group of us went out this morning to find hawks on Schober and Sunland and were kept busy with a nice assortment that were perched or hunting in the area. We used our scopes to study approx. 5-7 dif. Ferruginous Hawks, 5+ Red-tailed Hawks including immatures, 2 Prairie Falcons, 1 American Kestrel, 4 Northern Harriers and one Red-shouldered Hawk (east of Hwy 395). Later we stopped at Bishop City Park and checked the feeders at the back SE corner and Bill Mitchel spotted a Yellow Warbler which we all got to study. Good find Bill! In the fields with the raptors we had hundreds of American Pipits. We were also able to study a few Savannah Sparrows and a Sage Sparrow. 2 Canada Geese were spotted in the field too.