Ferruginous Hawk with Elk at Fish Springs Refuge; Short Eared owl along the Owens river below Tinemaha Res; 20 +Tundra swans, Tinemaha Res; Snow(2) and Ross's Geese(3) resting with Swans on sand island in Tinemaha Rs; Mountain Blue Bird on Steward rd; Horned lark in the south field along Seward rd.

Observers: Gary Peebles
Email: Captn.peebs@verizon.net
Verification: sierra
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Date: 11/12/2006
Time: 11:06 PM -0500

I saw all of these birds while canoeing and traveling to canoe parts of the Owens river. The Ferruginous Hawk, Swans and Snow geese were seen on Nov. 11,2006. The Mountain bluebird was seen today Nov. 12, 2006. I viewed the Swans and Snow geese, again, today. It was quite cold and windy so didn't spend time id'ing other ducks and gulls. I wish I had more time, but I was with non birders. Good birding, Gary Peebles Seal Beach Calif.