Immature Golden Eagle, Say's Phoebe's, Audubon Warblers, Mountain Bluebirds, raptors galore, but not a single Horned Lark.

Observers: Douglas Dunaway
Verification: sierra
Remote Name:
Date: 11/27/2006
Time: 06:25 PM -0500


What a great afternoon walk on Sunland Indian Res. Rd.! First, a Spotted Towhee in the blackberry brambles, then a Red Tailed Hawk and the pale Ferruginous Hawk in the corner field. Audubon Warbles, at least 5, in the locust trees, along with Mountain Bluebirds hawking for insects. Past the creek, an immature Golden Eagle hiding under the irrigation pipes preening itself for at least 10 minutes. After hopping up onto the pipe, it swooped down 20 feet to grab a rodent, where it was immediately mobbed by two Norther Harriers. The male Harrier took the rodent, while the female chased the eagle south and out of the field. Walking back, there were 2 Say's Phoebe's in the locust trees above the creek flying out to grap bugs. Beautiful rust colored breasts that almost looked pinkish. Lots of Mountain Bluebirds in the trees and out in the fields, but not a single Horned Lark to be seen.