Possible "Harlan's" Red-Tailed Hawk, immature Golden Eagle, lots of Mountain Bluebirds, and the Horned Larks are back.

Observers: Douglas Dunaway
Email: ddmcnitt@cebridge.net
Verification: sierra
Remote Name:
Date: 11/29/2006
Time: 05:49 PM -0500


On Sunland Indian Res.Rd. in eastern field past the creek, I observed a very dark raptor on the ground looking into a rodent burrow. After it flew, I saw the dirty white plummage on the rump and upper tail. In the western field, an immature Golden Eagle eating on a carcass while the ravens looked on. The Mountain Bluebirds are still in these fields, and it is a marvel to watch them hover as they look for insects. As I was kneeling down against the fence watching the Red-Tailed, I had bluebirds on both sides of me--probably less than six feet away on the fence posts. Also flocks of Horned Larks are moving about. If someone goes out, it would be great if they could verify the Harlan's Red-Tailed. It is a beautiful bird with great plummage. Looks like a small eagle.