Bishop CBC results

Observers: 45 intrepid observers
Date: 12/16/2006

The Bishop CBC was held on 16 December 2006 and despite the chilly temperatures and accompanying wind chill, 45 participants tallied 115 species. The previous high count was 109 species in 2002. Highlights included...

Many thanks to everyone who contributed. We saw many really great birds on a day when I doubt any of us would have been birding at all!  A very special thank you to James and Kay Wilson, who offered their warm, beautiful home for the tally potluck.

Long-eared Owl in Starlite, 16 Dec, Stan Conger photo
Lark Sparrows (2 of 4), 16 Dec 2006, Lulu Mogg
Costa's Hummingbird, 17 Dec 2006, Chris Howard
Costa's Hummingbird, 17 Dec 2006, Chris Howard
Pine Siskin, 17 Dec 2006, Chris Howard
Possible Mountain Bluebird X Western Bluebird hybrid, 17 Dec 2006, Jon L. Dunn