Continuing Merlin, 100+ Mountain Bluebirds, Savannah Sparrows and countless Horned Larks

Observers: Douglas Dunaway
Verification: sierra
Remote Name:
Date: 12/21/2006
Time: 09:25 PM -0500


This morning, beautiful Mountain Bluebirds in the southern fields on Sunland Indian Res. Rd., past the creek. Everywhere I looked, there were Bluebirds on the ground. A handful of Savannah Sparrows in the willows, lots of Ferruginous and Red-tailed Hawks as well as the Merlin. With all the Horned Larks and Bluebirds, I think the Merlin is finding good eats. I also spotted a Bewick's Wren flashing its long tail as it jumped around the rabbit brush and sage.