Short-eared Owl west of Meadowcreek, Bishop yesterday

Observers: Debby & Jim Parker, Chris & Rosie Howard
Verification: sierra
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Date: 01/24/2007
Time: 12:09 PM -0500


When still very light at 4:30 PM, Debby spotted a short stocky looking raptor sized bird sitting on top of a willow, 20 ft. up, out in the field. Using binos it looked like an owl, unusual for an owl to sit high up on treetop, which is more like a Red-shouldered or Red-tail Hawk. The facial disk could be seen and a white triangle of feathers in the forhead area. Getting the scope,Jim & had excellent looks for 20 min. Chris & Rosie arrived after 5:00 PM and lucky for all, the owl was back on its perch after flying some low flights over the field (in a mothlike fashion)toward Pauite Palace & Hwy 395. Then a second owl showed up and was flying with the SEOW, which was a Barn Owl. It was great to compare the two, with the SEOW being much darker on the upperside and having a distinctive black "comma" mark in the "wrist" area on the underside of the wing, all of which, the Barn Owl didn't have. Some photos were attempted thru the scope. We watched the owls for over an hour and Jim said this was the best look he's had so far of the SEOW behind our house.