Green-tailed Towhee s. of Dixon Lane

Observers: Parkers
Verification: sierra
Remote Name:
Date: 01/29/2007
Time: 12:07 PM -0500


What a surprise to see this rufous and olive-colored towhee standing in the snow with white-crowned sparrows yesterday, right where Chris & Rosie Howard had seen it about a month ago. If you look at Heindel's draft graphbook, these birds are not here now, but down in warmer climes, only returning in the spring for nesting in the foothills and higher elevations. If you park at Greengate Cottonwoods on Dixon Lane and walk thru gate south along canal, the towee was within the first 100 ft. or so across the big ditch near the cottonwoods. This bird is dull compared to summer but the crown is bright rufous.