Winter Wren, Egypt Creek, Bishop

Observers: Andrew Kirk
Remote Name:
Date: 03/19/2007
Time: 07:42 PM -0500

Egypt Creek has hosted one, probably two, Winter Wrens since at least 11/24/06. During my previous sightings, the Wren usually called with single "chup" calls, although a double "chup" is apparently expected. On March 18, 2007, the mouse-like reddish wren made up for it by perseverating a double "chup" call, over and over for about ten minutes. During which I snuck up on him and picked him out of some mountain maple twigs and leaves. Soon he began to sing!!! Not a full-throated song, but a "whisper" song. Perseverated on this, too, going a timed four minutes without stopping. His song blended magically with the trickling of tiny Egypt Creek. Attached photos will include one full size of habitat, and two crops. A difficult bird to photograph: