Barn Swallow sleeping on our porch thurs. March 22 07

Observers: Jim and Deb Parker
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 03/24/2007
Time: 11:55 AM -0500


This is one day earlier than last year, we usually have a few nests on our front porch and consider these swallows our summer guests. They pretty much take over the front porch, building mud nests in the protected eves and corners. They do make a mess but we just put up with it, put newspapers under them etc., because we like them and they fly all day, eating mosquitos around our home. With fields and water behind our house, we get lots of mosquitos, the the swallows are welcome! They have been nesting on our porch for many years now and while the lone swallow was flying behind our house this morning and is quiet, soon as the mate arrives, we'll hear happy chirping. They react excitedly when the 2nd one arrives (and more) and we think their off-spring come to nest here too.