Re: Possible Ladder-backed Woodpecker E of Bishop

Observers: J. Zatorski
Verification: MONO
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Date: 03/31/2007
Time: 04:59 PM -0500


Went back this morning with my binoculars and had a brief look at the bird in profile. The barring does go up the back almost to the nape although there does seem to be a thin black nape, but not as much as a typical Nuttall's. The belly and nasal tuft did seem pretty white like on a Nuttall's, not the buffy as would be expected in Ladder-backed. The calls and chee chee chee song is pretty good Ladder-backed, and it did vocalize for me this morning again. My best guess is that this is a hybrid bird. Other folks should try to get out there to test their 7 degrees between Nuttall's & Ladder-backed Woodpeckers. Also had FOS Bullock's Oriole & House Wren. Spring is upon us!