China Ranch and Amargosa Canyon birds

Observers: Chris McCreedy, Dawn Konkoly, and Mark Dettling
Email: cmccreedy AT prbo dot org
Verification: MONO
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Date: 04/01/2007
Time: 07:55 PM -0400


Our first day of the season in southeast Inyo County. My general impression is that things are late, and that it is dry. The mistletoe berries (at least at China Ranch in the Amargosa Canyon) were nuked. There were many Lucy's Warblers singing, but only one or two Bell's Vireos singing at China Ranch, and none in the Canyon. They've only just arrived. We only found one Ash-throated Flycatcher all day, only a handful of Orange-crowned Warblers. Audubon's Warblers seemed to increase with the temperatures. No Empidonax flycatchers yet. We didn't see the Dickcissel that Tom and Jo found last week, but I didn't see their post until just now. We should have looked harder. There were three or four Hooded Orioles (an old male, a female, and a young male), one ASY Bullock's Oriole. Two Cassin's Vireos were singing at China Ranch. A handful of yellowthroats in Amargosa Canyon, a few Tree Swallows. The Red-tailed Hawks seem to be nesting in the middle of a massive cliff two kilometers into the canyon, for at least the third year in a row. No kingbirds yet. A House Wren was singing at China Ranch, and one of my favorite sightings - a very Rufus Hummingbird at the China Ranch bakery. Crissal Thrashers were singing in several locations, slowly, patiently, indifferent to our drooling.