Bell's Vireo nest at China Ranch

Observers: Chris McCreedy, Dawn Konkoly, and Mark Dettling
Email: cmccreedy AT prbo dot org
Verification: MONO
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Date: 04/03/2007
Time: 07:54 PM -0400


Just when you think you have things figured out, they fool you. Our lone Bell's Vireo at China Ranch was singing in the same location today. There may be more - we haven't searched the whole corridor. Yet there should have been at least six or so males in the places we have searched to date, and we've only found one. He seemed stuck on one location, and sure enough, Mark saw him with a female as they flew to their nest to build. One batch of observations saying that they are late (no one's around), and another, that of a pair with a nest found 9 days earlier than the previous record for our project (2005). I guess this means there will be lots of hurricanes this season.