Harris's Sparrow in our yard this morning

Observers: Deb Parker
Email: j.parker@cebridgedotnet
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Date: 04/11/2007
Time: 11:56 AM -0400


This Wednesday morning, April 11, in our Meadowcreek yard was a molting Harris's Sp. Slightly larger than the White-crowns present, it had dark across the crown with the salt & pepper look in the front, the dark continued down into the nape at the back of neck. Subtle supercilium. The chin was all dark and this continued down below the throat widening out into streaks across the upper front and then down the sides. The underside was mostly an off-white. The cheeks were pale with a hint of buff color. Two somewhat subtle wingbars and a light brown rump. A fairly dull bird still, molting into its alternate plumage and its trip to northern Canada for nesting!