Eurasian Green-winged Teal at Bishop Sewer Ponds

Observers: Chris Howard
Date: 04/25/2007
Time: 05:10 PM -0400

Presumably the same bird found by Jon Dunn and Andy Zdon on 27 Mar at Farmer's Pond continued at the Bishop Sewer Ponds today, 25 Apr, at lunchtime. The bird showed the same faint, pale vertical mark on its right side, making it what Jon called 99% A. c. crecca. The ducks were numerous and skittish, taking flight readily; I first saw the bird in the NE corner of the SE pond. Other birds of interest were 12 Wilson's Phalaropes (including 11 females), 3 drake Blue-winged Teal (there could have been females, too), and 3 Bonaparte's Gulls.

Digiscoped 25 Apr 2007