Furnace Creek Ranch: Palm Warbler

Observers: Chris Howard
Email: chris93514@gmail.com
Date: 05/04/2007
Time: 04:27 PM -0400

During 1-4 May, I spent non-conference time birding Furnace Creek Ranch. A hideous duststorm Wednesday evening (58MPH gusts) brought down a couple palm trees in the date grove, but it also brought down a gorgeous 'western' Palm Warbler, complete with tail-pumping and bright rufous cap, a White-winged Dove, an Osprey dive-bombing Spotted Sandpipers at the long pond, an adult male Indigo Bunting, 3 late Oregon Juncos, one Blue-winged Teal, a Lucy's Warbler, several Inca Doves, and Ruby-crowned Kinglets. Empids made a reasonable showing with 6 Dusky, 3 Gray, and 1 Hammond's. Wilson's Warbler's were in nearly every tree, a few Orange-crowned, some Audubon's, a Myrtle, a Yellow-breasted Chat, a few MacGillvaray's, three Townsend's, a few Common Yellowthroats. All six regular swallows.

Rear view, Palm Warbler
White-winged Dove
male Blue-winged and Cinnamon Teal