Red-throated Pipit at Crowley

Observers: Kristie Nelson, Jon Dunn, et al.
Date: 05/04/2007
Time: 09:41 PM -0400

While birding the Layton Springs area of Crowley lake today I was fortunate to find a Red-throated Pipit. While admiring the nice alternate plumaged American Pipits, I heard it fly in with a very distinctive call I recognized. It landed and I was able to see it very closely as it foraged near the shore. Probably a male, it had a nice cinnamon-orange throat and upper breast. The face was this color as well (but a little paler), setting out the beady dark eye. Crisp, thick dark streaks on sides of breast and flanks. Pale legs. Distinctly streaked back against a warmer, brown back color (grayer on the Americans). Distinctly short tailed and squatty. I called Jon Dunn, who luckily was home and brought along Debbie House and Andy Zdon. Debbie got many photos. Was fantastic and fun that we refound it - spent much time with it. From Benton x-ing rd take the Layton springs turn off - the bird was with 20 or so American Pipits north of the Layton springs area - and north of the little creek that feeds into the lake that the shoreline dirt road crosses.

Photos Debbie House