White-headed Woodpecker on Shingle Mill Bench

Observers: Ted & Paula Williams
Email: ted@usamedia.tv
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 05/28/2007
Time: 03:06 PM -0400


Climbed to the top of Shingle Mill Bench on May 20th; 3,500’ in less than 3 miles. The landscape was dominated by Jeffery Pines with a few Red Firs (5’ Diameter) and White Firs near the north end near Taboose Creek Canyon. No water and the trees all seemed to be relatively young. The forest was the typical “unaffected-by-humans” forest with open-spaces. However, as the name implies, there were widely scattered stumps. We did see a White-headed Woodpecker, but not the reported Pileated Woodpecker. Also spotted a Blue Grouse, an unidentified Accipiter, Mountain Chickadees, Spotted and Green-tailed Towhees, and Stellar Jay.