Willow Flycatcher in Birchim yesterday (June 7)

Observers: Debby, Steve, Jan and Bill
Email: j.parkeratcebridge.net
Verification: MONO
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Date: 06/08/2007
Time: 10:40 AM -0400


The canyon had about 10 Western Wood-pewees, somewhat unusual at this time, as they are normally at higher elevation beginning their nesting season. But because of the storm with cold temps that came through one guess is that they came down for insects. So finding another flycatcher in there was a bit problematic but the Bird Gods smiled on us, as the Willow Fly was giving its call notes, "Whit" and it sang, "Fitzbew!",twice. Comparing it to the Pewees, it had much shorter primaries extending down the tail as it sat on a branch, lacked the vested look and it had a mostly all pale lower mandible and white chin. While it barely flicked its tail, it had a the "hunched-back" look compared to the Pewees very straight-looking back. Is this a bird trying to nest? This has become a rare nester in our area and all of California too, so its exciting to find one at this time. Yes, as they are late migrators, it could be just moving thru, not sure.