Pine Grosbeaks (pair) near Arrowhead Lake, Mono County

Observers: Andy Zdon, Debbie House, Tom Wurster, Liga Auzins, and Jon Dunn
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 06/23/2007
Time: 09:33 PM -0400


Today a group of us went searching for Andrew Kirk's Pine Grosbeak at Arrowhead Lake. After checking the Well's Meadow area we drove north to Mammoth and the trailhead for Arrowhead Lake and beyond. Soon after crossing you enter the John Muir Wilderness. Arrowhead Lake is just 1.3 miles from the large parking area. Andy Zdon and Debbie House located the Pine Grosbeak pair on a left side trail just short of Arrowhead Lake. I've marked the side trail with a cairn on a rock on the right side of the main trail. We had splendid views of both members of the pair and watched the female nest build in a red fir (repeated visits), the nest being about 25-30' up from the ground. The birds were utterly silent. J. L. Dunn