Well's Meadow (Inyo County) sightings

Observers: Andy Zdon, Debbie House, Tom Wurster, Liga Auzins, and Jon Dunn
Email: cerwa@earthlink.net
Verification: MONO
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Date: 06/23/2007
Time: 09:40 PM -0400


Today at Well's Meadow we refound the SY male Indigo Bunting that Debbie House had found a week ago. More unusual given the altitude was a singing male Wilson's Warbler singing from the willows in the meadow. This is well below where they normally breed. While the song sounded a bit odd (I didn't recogonize it initially and the identification wasn't made until it was visually seen), this was not eastern pusilla on song. It did look dull though. Also interesting was a male "Audubon's Warbler" although it promptly flew back up the steep ridge. An adult male Bullock's Oriole has a largely orange head! Closer to where you park we had both Black-throated (singing) and Sage Sparrows, probably canescens at the northern end of their range. Severeal Black-billed Magpies were heard at the meadow. This species seems scarce these days (West Nile?). J. L. Dunn