Rufous & Calliopes hummers at Big Pine Creek Campground

Observers: Tom Wurster & Liga Auzins
Email: wurster
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 06/25/2007
Time: 01:45 AM -0400


Midmorning on June 24th, 1 adult male Rufous Hummer and 5-6 female/immature Selasphorus sp. battled for positions at fresh sapsucker wells on aspen trunks adjacent to site 14 at Big Pine Creek Campground by Glacier Lodge. Many other birds were attracted to the sap wells including a male and female Calliope Hummer, O-c Warblers, Westeern Tanagers, and one Warbling Vireo. A busy Red-breasted Sapsucker returned every 2-5 minutes to gather insects attracted to the sap wells.