Thanks to ESAS and Audubon California

Observers: Chris McCreedy
Email: cmccreedyatprbodotorg
Date: 08/22/2007
Time: 04:15 PM -0400

Attached is a photo of Oregano, a Willow Flycatcher chick which fledged either yesterday or early this morning. Oregano is the last chick of the season, as far as I can tell (its sibling, Nunchucks, was bigger and fledged first). Its parents also held the last nest of 2006 (which fledged on August 17). They are always late because while the female recognizes cowbird eggs and abandons them, she has to repeatedly re-nest (5 attempts in 2006, and 4 this year). Many thanks to Audubon California, and the Inyo NF for funding our work, and to Chris Howard for assisting in applying to CA Audubon for a grant. Also thanks to Elin Ljung, George and Nanacy Appel, Michael Lester, Sarah Jane Pepper, Jessi DeLong, and Ellen and Duncan King for their help in the field. Please watch your feeders, and try hard to avoid feeding cowbirds (sticking to just goldfinch and hummingbird feeders is the best way to do this). Nearly 60% of the season's Willow Flycatcher eggs were lost to cowbird parasitism or predation.