Northern Waterthrush/Solitary Sandpiper - Lower Owens River

Observers: Debbie House
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 08/24/2007
Time: 11:13 PM -0400


Over the last 10 days, I and others charged with monitoring and managing the Lower Owens River project have walked the entire Lower Owens River. The river is chock full of Sora right now. Lots of waterbirds are using the river including many Black-crowned Night Herons, Great Blue Herons, ducks including Wood Ducks, Mallards and Green-winged Teal. Several passerine migrants are also on the river now including Wilson's Warblers, pewees and Western Tanagers. Today I saw a Solitary Sandpiper on the river at Keeler Bridge, and a Northern Waterthrush (one with an all buffy supercillium and underparts). The waterthrush was a few miles north of the sandpiper.