Recent rare bird photos

Observers: Jon Dunn (fide C. Howard)
Date: 08/31/2007
Time: 01:35 PM -0400

Below are recent photos taken by Jon.  Here are 2 shots of the 3rd cycle Long-tailed Jaeger that Susan Steele found on 19 August 2007 on Owens Lake.  We photographed it later in the day.

The adult male Pine Grosbeak was photographed on 5 August 2007 at Minaret Vista Parking Area. It was actually in Madera County when photographed by a few feet, but promptly flew into Mono County.

The male Black-backed Woodpecker was in Mono County by about 15 feet at Minaret Vista parking area. I photographed it on 2 August 2007.

Here's the juvenile Semipalmated Sandpiper that was at Tinemaha Reservoir on 3 August 2007. I saw this bird with Mike San Miguel.

Here's a good comparison of breeding Short-billed on the left with a breeding Long-billed on the right. The Long-billed is a little larger and more brightly colored ventrally with a less spotted breast. I took it at Crowley Lake on 20 July 2007. There was a small group of five (two Long-bills, three Short-bills). A close up of one of the Short-bills is enclosed too.