juvenile Long-tailed Jaeger (darker morph) at Crowley Lake on 29 August 2007

Observers: Jon L. Dunn
Email: cerwa@earthlink.net
Date: 08/31/2007
Time: 01:44 PM -0400

In the late morning of 29 August I ran across the bird feeding on fly larvae (?) near shore in the Owens Valley arm (south side). It was cooperative and I took a number of photos, below. I identified as Long-tailed because of the overall coloration (not very rufous), the essentially dark primaries, the rather thickish, not thin bill, the limited white in the upperwing, including just a couple of white primary shafts, and the bluntish tipped extended central retricies. The nape seemed essentially unstreaked. But this wasn't as gray as some juvenile Long-tails. I note from a northern CA list serve that Peter Metropulis reported a juvenile Parasitic at about the same location the day before, so I'm wondering if this could be the same bird. Hopefully, the bird will be widely reviewed and commented on. JLD