Chipping & Brewer's Sparrows and imm. buntings at Mill Pond today

Observers: D.Parker, B.Mitchel, N. Overholtz, P. & R. Lagomarsini
Date: 09/06/2007
Time: 05:15 PM -0400


While Birchim was fairly quiet a small group of us enjoyed a Willow fly, warblers and another empid with eyering which we couldn't put a name to. A scrub jay too which is rare in this desert canyon. Then at Mill Pond medium sized flocks of Brewer's and Chipping sparrows were fun to study through the scope. There were some juveniles with streaks on the breast. The buntings were dull with blue rumps, since my looks were short, couldn't tell whether they were Lazuli or Indigo. Flock of American Robins too.