Lewis's Woodpeckers west of Meadowcreek today plus more sightings

Observers: Jim and Deb Parker
Email: j.parkeratcebridge.net
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 09/10/2007
Time: 04:47 PM -0400


One Lewis's was seen flycatching behind (east) the Bishop's sewer ponds on Aug 28 & 30th at the shallow pond, s. of Airport Rd. Yesterday, we had 5 up Pine Crk. Two were swooping from fir top to fir top near the pack station then down the hill near the dispersed campground were three more. Today one or two were swooping in all of their pink and dark jade green glory in the field west of Meadowcreek, one toward Brockman. That's 8 birds in the last few weeks, must be an "eruption" as is fitting of their gregarious migration movements. Some consider this the most beautiful of all woodpeckers.