Bishop City Park today

Observers: D.Parker, B.Mitchel, N. & R. Overholtz, P. Pumphrey & R. Lagomarsini
Date: 09/13/2007
Time: 06:23 PM -0400

Bishop City Park had at least 3 Western Tanagers, 3 Audubon's Warblers (one maybe a Myrtle), one adult male MacGillivray's Warbler, 3 species of Hummingbirds which were Rufous, Black-chinned and a smaller looking one (with subtle rufous on the sides) compared to the Rufous Hummer that kept "bee-lining" for it & scaring it of the feeder. It might fit Calliope, which are rare now on Heindel's graphbook. Also near the SE corner of the park were a handful of Brewer's Sparrows and an adult White-crowned Sparrow Gambel's race. And best of all was an interesting grosbeak with a buffy breast which had subtle patches of red mixed in, fine streaks, which a first winter male could show (Sibley page 466-467). The upper mandible seems too dark for a RBGR though. Mystery Grosbeak: