very large white birds

Observers: Judy Wittig
Verification: MONO
Remote Name:
Date: 09/21/2007
Time: 05:57 PM -0400


On Sept.7 we were traveling north on Hwy.395 when we saw a large flock (maybe 60 to 80 birds) of very large birds flying at a high altitude. They were turning in a close circle on the thermals as they moved south. At one point two small groups broke off of the large group and continued the same pattern of flight. We stopped at the Inyo Visitor Center and one of the "rangers" came outside to observe the birds with us. He suggested that they were Trumpeter Swans. I'm not a "birder" but when we returned home I did some reading and now I'm not sure they were Trumpeter Swans. Can anyone help me identify what birds made up this spectacular display? I apologize if this is an inappropriate way to get information but your website does not have an email address. Thank you.